Jquery – Show One Paragraph and Hide Anothers

Implemented jQuery Show/Hide functionality. By default, first paragraph will show. When you will click on Next button then first paragraph will hide and next paragraph will show. Used jQuery’s eq(index) selector to select a single element or

Simple Items Listing with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ajax & CSS3

Simple Ajax based item list with PHP, MySQL and jQuery. In this process, added PHP OOPS capability with jQuery UI and implemented jQuery Ajax functionality. It is very user friendly. Any one can create, edit, delete and

Delete a value from comma separated list

Delete a user id from Php Comma separated values array saved in MySQL. Use array_search function to delete the user id and it will delete the user id from the comma separated values with the help of

Jquery Selectors

jQuery selectors are used to find or select HTML elements based on their class, id, value, type or attribute. jQuery offers a powerful set of tools for matching a set of elements in a document. Jquery selectors