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jQuery – Add/Delete Tags with jQuery Input Plugin

jQuery plugin converts a simple text input into a tag list with remove tag option. This plugin creates a input in your form that will contains a comma-separated list of tags. Simply call the tagsInput function on

jQuery – Create Simple Tabs using HTML, jQuery and CSS

Implemented simple jQuery tabs with HTML, jQuery and CSS. In this tutorial we will show you how to create simple jQuery tabs. jQuery tabs are a very nice way of showing lots of content into a very

PHP – Import .sql File in mySQL Database

Implemented php script which is imported mysql file into the database. Copy and paste below php script into a file. Save this file. (Example – import.php). Replaced techguru_data.sql file name with your file name. Run import.php on

jQuery – Form Validation Using jQuery Validate Plugin

Implemented a simple HTML5 Contact us form with the help of jQuery Validate plugin. jQuery validate plugin validate the from when submit button is clicked. If form fields are not empty then form is submitted successfully and

MySQL – Subtract Time Value (Intervals) From Date

MySQL DATE_SUB() function allow you to substract a time value (Intervals) from the selected date. MySQL SUBDATE() function is the synonym of DATE_SUB() function. The following examples will return a date after substracting 10 days from the

MySQL – Add Time Value (Intervals) To Date

MySQL DATE_ADD() function allow you to add a time value (Intervals) to the selected date. MySQL ADDDATE() function is the synonym of DATE_ADD() function. The following examples will return a date after adding 31 days with the

PHP – Send Secure E-Mails to Stop E-Mail Injections

Created and implemented a PHP Filter Function which will Stop E-mail Injections. To stop e-mail injections I have added an input validator that checks the “email” field when the form is submitted. Filters are used in PHP

PHP – Filter Data to Prevent MySQL Injection Attacks

I have created a data filter function to prevent SQL Injection. This function will filter all the parameters before adding into the MySQL. This function escapes all the characters with slashes like single quotes and double quotes

Drupal – 7 : Make a Module with a Form and Menu Link

Created a simple form which will add to your website that is accessed through its own custom URL. Hooks are functions with special names that will be called by Drupal when actions occur. For example – “form_example_menu()”

Jquery – Show Single Question/Answer and Hide Anothers

Implemented jQuery Show/Hide functionality. By default, first question/answer will show. After 10 seconds first question/answer will hide and next question/answer will show. Used jQuery eq(index) selector to select a single element or within a looping construct such