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jQuery Ajax Based Country, State and City List

In this tutorial, you can populate dynamic list of state and city with the help of jQuery and ajax. By default country drop down is displayed. When you will select country from the list, State drop down

jQuery – Add/Remove Dynamic Form Fields in PHP

In this tutorial, you can add/remove dynamic form fields with the help of javaScript/jQuery. We start with single Input row and a “Add Row” button to allow user to add more rows. When clicks on the “Add

MySQL – Subtract Time Value (Intervals) From Date

MySQL DATE_SUB() function allow you to substract a time value (Intervals) from the selected date. MySQL SUBDATE() function is the synonym of DATE_SUB() function. The following examples will return a date after substracting 10 days from the

MySQL – Add Time Value (Intervals) To Date

MySQL DATE_ADD() function allow you to add a time value (Intervals) to the selected date. MySQL ADDDATE() function is the synonym of DATE_ADD() function. The following examples will return a date after adding 31 days with the

PHP – Filter Data to Prevent MySQL Injection Attacks

I have created a data filter function to prevent SQL Injection. This function will filter all the parameters before adding into the MySQL. This function escapes all the characters with slashes like single quotes and double quotes

Simple Items Listing with PHP, MySQL, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ajax & CSS3

Simple Ajax based item list with PHP, MySQL and jQuery. In this process, added PHP OOPS capability with jQuery UI and implemented jQuery Ajax functionality. It is very user friendly. Any one can create, edit, delete and